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Drug Culture & EDM

Countless individuals despise EDM culture because the first thing they associate it with is drugs. However, after watching several interviews, I have come to the conclusion that the reason people primarily say this is due to the fact that it is a ‘rare occasion’ where the audience gets to be immersed in a large crowd with amazing lights and the kind of music you want to hear while doing drugs.
As EDM, raves, festivals and even small shows that play EDM get more and more popular, I firmly believe that the association of this music and drugs will finally decrease.
From personal experience, I will say that in the beginning, a festival used to equate to drug use, and now that EDM has become mainstream, and the music has several different appealing styles, it is a genre that people can find enjoyable with or without using drugs.
Whether or not you are attending a hip hop or even a country concert, there will be drug use. It should not be primarily associated with EDM because of the ‘lights and the sensation’.
Millennials and every generation to follow will each most likely experience at the least four or five huge events such as EDC, HardSummer, Coachella, Ultra, or Countdown in their lives. Which would make the scene something more normalized and not an event where they feel the need to do as many drugs as they can in one event.
The fact is that music events in general have always and will always be associated with the scene of partying. Which means and drugs and alcohol will always be involved. The best thing to do is to accept it, prepare for it and educate about safely doing it.

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