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Arts Centre Melbourne Creating More Female Electronic Artists

The electronic world is doused with male artists, only every now and then a female breaks through. The Arts Centre Melbourne thought it was time to help create more. So, in 2015 they came up with ‘Operator’, a creative learning program for female, trans and gender non-conforming musicians, focusing on electronic music production using Ableton Live.
In the course the students learn more about EMP (electronic music production) and get instruction from established producers thus helping them to further enhance their skills. This course also provides an opportunity for them to network, make life-long connections, and overall develop more as individuals to potentially break out.
Arts Centre Melbourne said, “Operator supports the enhanced presence of women in electronic music production, with a focus on strengthening networks, creating new connections, and offering a space for open questioning and discussion. Participants should already have some musical experience in songwriting and performing, as well as have a musical goal in mind they would like to achieve.”

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