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WUT WUT- Dillion Francis

DILLON FRANCIS! WUTWUT, he describes in this detailed explanation to his fans and followers on Instagram as “Reggaeton meets dance music”. He has blessed us again. It is always refreshing when artists attempt to step out of their comfort zone. He worked with several renowned Spanish vocalists and put together this album.
Dillion has several shows coming up ranging from LA, AZ, FL, NV, TX, NY, CO, and HI, will he play these tracks?!

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I would like to explain this album one last time quickly before some of you so abruptly write it off. This album is an homage to when i first got signed to mad decent for my first EP Westside (which was my initial career success). One song on that ep in particular “Que Que” w diplo & maluca was the catalyst to this project. Hence why the album is named “Wut Wut” (Que Que means What What in Spanish). Really what this whole project is about was to show people where I originally got notoriety from and basically my career. “Moombahton” is reggaeton meets dance music, and that’s why I wanted to work with Spanish language artists. I wanted to heighten the music i had been making over the past ten years with these Latin artists and give back to where my music comes from. Songs you’ve heard over the years “bun up the dance” “i can’t take it” “dill the noise” “masta blasta” etc. those are all moombahton songs. Anyways hope everyone enjoys the album or at least gives it one full listen thru before deciding if you hate it or love it because i believe this is the most cohesive concept album and I’m so proud of it. Xoxo -Dill

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