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RL Grime & Diplo: In Conversation

Not long after RL’s album ‘NOVA’ dropped, Diplo sat down to discuss everything from his genuine love for RL, to getting to know what inspired RL on this new album. The two have worked together before in the past on a track, so it was not new to converse with one another.

RL actually started off mostly performing house music. Until as he states, at EDC one year he had a full panic attack during his set because he genuinely did not like or want to be playing house anymore. After that he decided to really explore his love for mixing, and became an icon into the formation of the trap genre.

RL and Diplo discuss the struggle of it seemingly like DJs have two separate careers. One being that they need to deliver great shows that the audience reacts well to, but they additionally work on their own style and then try to bring their own music to life during their shows.

Diplo stated he believes that  NOVA will definitely  be an album that RL can play throughout during a set and the crowd will enjoy. That, RL stated, was his ultimate goal for this album.

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