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New Virgin Records Merchandise

Virgin Records, the primarily pop genre record label, with current artists ranging from Bastille, Loren, Scarlet Pleasure, Rise Against and more, just released some new merchandise. Bastille from Virgin Records is releasing a collaborated song with Marshmello on Friday called “HAPPIER’. Also, one of their fairly newer signed artists, Loren Gray just released her new single and lyric video, ‘Story’.

Virgin Records was founded by Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and Tom Newman in 1972. Some of Virgin Records platinum performers were Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Keith Richards, and Gorrilaz.

Virgin Records got their name from a former colleague, Tessa Watts, who had the idea of ‘virgin’ based on the fact that they were all new to the industry.

Currently, Virgin Records has primarily American artists, but in the past they have signed a majority of European artists. The genre’s vary from artist to artist but primarily remains pop.

The new merchandise of Virgin Records was purposefully released now as a marketing strategy due to the upcoming release of two of their artists. Both the Bastille x Marshmello single and Loren Gray’s single are expected to be hits. The new merchandise includes a red t-shirt with the company logo. The shirt is tight fighting and costs 25$. Click the link for more info: 

Also, listen here to Loren Gray’s ‘Story’.

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