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Marshmello is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Seems like this year has started great for Marshmello. But it looks like the famous DJ may be getting sued for copyright infringement. There’s a lot of songs that may have been influenced by another and sound similar. And then there are songs that sound too familiar and the artist can be sued.

Arty is suing Marshmello for allegedly ripping off his OneRepublic song remix for, “I Lived,” in Marshmello’s “Happier.” Marshmello’s cowriters of the song, Daniel Campbell Smith, and Steve Mac are also listed in the suit as defendants.

Although the original song does not belong to Arty, that does not mean he cannot sue. He owns the original elements that were added to OneRepublic’s version. The complaint that was filed in California federal court on Monday, shows that Arty does not claim the ownership of the “I Lived” composition. But instead, it shows that he is saying that the songwriters behind “Happier” stole the original elements of the remix “note for note.”

Attorney Richard Busch is representing Arty. Busch is best known for representing Marvin Gaye’s family in the “Blurred Lines” suit.

You can view the entire complaint here.

You can listen to all three tracks down below, and let us know what the detective in you think.

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